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ADVBG Storm's Radar - 9 months old in this picture loving the ladies!



This is our new herd sire for 2013 and 2014!  We usually keep bucks for 3 breeding cycles which means we turn bucks every 18 months to 2 years.  We try to seek out extreme quality bucks with traits and genetics to improve our kid crop every time.  Some folks may think we are nuts to do this but we are always looking to improve  our goats.  Also,we usually keep several doe kids back for replacements thus in our minds this requires new blood lines for breeding purposes.  With this said we buy a new bloodline buck every we have 2 bucks to work with every year.  We think this works well for us and for our customers as our genetics are upscale and tight with the current industry.

Rick and I traveled to the Windy City show and sale in early May 2011.  Our expectations were to buy a doe or two.  We had a little time so after looking at the does decided to check out the bucks.  Captain A was in lot 5, we really liked him when we saw him in the pen but was not looking for a buck so dismissed the thoughts.  The funny thing was we could not forget about Captain A., he was just one of those animals that drew you to him.  The sale started and to our surprise the first Boer goat we bought was lot 5 Captain America.  Captain America looked even better when Alan Motta proudly brought him to the ring, the bidding started and to our delight Captain America was going to reside in Iowa.  We also purchased afew does including the one doe I was in love with RBGO Buckskin Suzie (a Maverick daughter)- Suzie was the real reason I went to the sale and happily she came home to Iowa too!



Join the Excitement! Join the Fun! One of our next herdsires is this guys SON!

2DOX Luger **Ennobled** above is the sire of our young buck FHF Z9073 - Buddy!
2DOX Luger **Ennobled** above is the sire of our young buck FHF Z9073 - Buddy!
That's right we are stepping up in our breeding program with three new bucks to be used next year!  The first young stud is FHF Z9073.  He was one of our show bucks this year and was pretty darn impressive in the show ring!  The funniest thing about watching him show was where he usually started in the show line up and where he ended in the line up.  Buddy as we call him is not what you would say the buck who catches a persons eye in the show ring.  What Buddy does though is gain the respect from any ABGA judge who dares to lay their hands on him!  Once a Judge actually touches Buddy - the move is on!  Buddy will move up towards the top half of the class - many time in 2nd or 3rd place.  Yep that is all it takes - a Judge who is willing to touch him - they realize he is a complete package!  He is packed full of muscle and is all BUCK!  And yes he did not stand as well in the line up when a Judge chose not to touch the animals... we always knew if the Judge never laid a hand on a buck in the ring Buddy was not going to do as well....kind of funny don't think?  Can't understand how anyone judging animals don't actually feel what they are judging... really not sure how they can call themselves a JUDGE, anyone can bleacher judge with their eyesight but a real JUDGE must toouch the GOAT!

New herdsire # 2 is Back 2 Nature Rogue - a solid red boy out of the MEAT maker below!

Back 2 Nature Rogue is herdsire #2 for us! We wanted to experiment with the color RED so when we found Rogue and his 2 brothers on Back 2 Nature's website and bought him!  Rogue is going to be as stout as his Papa Rambo for sure, earlier in the Summer of 2010, we weren't so sure as he decided to grow up and not fill out!  But by September Rogue was packing the pounds on that long and lanky frame.  In the last two ABGA shows Rogue was placed a repectable 3rd and 4th ... he even beat Buddy who had handed him his behind in every show prior to the September shows!  So watch out next year!  Who will be the best in the shows and who will be the best in kid production?
JRNBG Shiloh Rambo is this guys name and sire of another new buck of ours Back 2 Nature Rogue!
JRNBG Shiloh Rambo is this guys name and sire of another new buck of ours Back 2 Nature Rogue! 

Our first herd sire was "Jerry" a.k.a. BDK TTR T2. Jerry was purchased from Art Killian - Killian Boers, Des Moines, Iowa in September of 2006.  Jerry's background was very impressive as he has four "Ennobled" bucks in his background: Downen Big 85, Eggorcist, Dow Pipeline and Downen Starbuck.  Jerry was sold and is residing in Minnesota with 40 new girl freinds.

BQB Legion a.k.a. Ben, was our second herd sire. Ben was purchased from Art Killian, Killian Boers during the Spring of 2007.   We sold Ben in February 2009, Ben served us very well - this year we have the prettiest paint twins ever -- look for the buck on the sale page in April - May.

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The next herd sire was a very spoiled buck named Powell Holman Classic Pistol. Pistol was a buckling that was kidded on our farm in April of 2007. He was a gorgeous paint buck and has that classic goat personality. Pistol has several "Ennobled" goats in his background : CNR Pistolero, Eggsclusive, Powell Holman Bingo, P/H Bingo's Classic Thriller and P/H 203N. Our plan for Pistol was to have him around the farm for many years -- but Pistol had a freak accident that ended his life.  We do have one doe - CJH Holley who was sired by Pistol.  Holley hit the show ring last year and did very well - she usually was in the middle of the class which was great as she was always the youngest in her class usually by two months.  Holley will be shown again this year mostly by our son Carson as she is a daughter of Carson's first show doe.

Other bucks we have owned and used are AABG Rip to be Square  ( A Ripper son), AABG Bold Rush,  Fern Hollow Farms Buddy, Back 2 Nature Rogue and  4-M Farms Mugsy (A 2 Dox Cuger son).  Each of these bucks have put a different twist in our program and served us well with the broad range of genetics.


AABG NBD Rip To Be Square

Boer Goat Buck
Born: 09/02/08
Sire: TLB T333
Dam: PAR5 Leilani #10183175

AABG NBD Rip To Be Square - Boer Goat Buck

AABG NBD Rip To Be Square #10447944.....another Trickman Boer Goats Herd Sire.  Rip To Be Square is going to be a big boy when he finishes growing!    We purchased this fine young buck from Gary Duncan Family a.k.a. Able Acres - Crawfordsville, Indiana.  Our daughter Stephanie showed this guy in FFA and Open class at the Iowa State Fair -- we were caught between a rock and a hard spot so to speak as we tried to do to much with this guy.   We wanted to show him but we also want offspring as soon as we could from him - so when he was in the show ring he had been with some does as well.  We felt the sacrifices a place or two with him in the show ring would pay off in the Fall of 2009 with kids.  So far we have not been wrong -- he placed respecatble in the show ring by placing 2nd and 3rd in shows --- but in the kidding pen he has sired so far 2 sets of twins -all doelings!!!  These first kids are strong framed - long  bodied - meaty  - feminime necked girls with wonderful roman heads.  We can't wait to see how these girls grow -- we have been told they should be slow maturing great does.   It is a possibility they may be in the show ring next Summer but will for sure be there as yearlings in 2011.   As with Kane we would be glad to do live coverage to Rip To Be Square for $100.00 per doe - plus $1.50 per day R&B per healthy doe - paid upfront (we reserve the right to refuse any doe we feel not healthy). 
AABG NBD Rip To Be Square may not have tore up the show ring for us but his full flushmate AABG NBD Bullseye did for the Duncan Family -Able Acres.  Rip's full bro Bullseye was "GRAND CHAMPION FULLBLOOD BUCK" at the 2009 Missouri State Fair - 2009 Ohio State Fair - 2009 Indiana State Fair and 2009 Fairfield Goat Daze!  Think about it Rip To Be Square carries the same gene pool as Bullseye!!!!
We have over 40 does bred to this buck -- he must have been very busy in September as he grouped 40 does to kid starting around February 1 and ending around March 1...most are due in a two week period with almost all either carrying twins or triplets!

UFarm Kane

Boer Goat Buck
Born: 08/04/08
Sire: Bear Creek BC T96 #10283562
Dam: Windrush Terrific #10267288

UFarm Kane - Boer Goat Buck
UFarm Kane - Live Coverage $50.00 plus doe R&B

UFarm Kane - Boer Goat Buck
UFarm Kane - at 6 months old!

UFarm Kane - Boer Goat Buck
UFarm Kane at the IMGA/ABGA Sanctioned Show Day 2

UFarm Kane is one of our Herd Sires.  Kane was purchased from UFarm Boer Goats in April of 2009.  In September of 2009, Kane entered the show circuit and walked away with a Reserve Champion Yearling Buck Ribbon. 
We feel Kane will add meat and bone to the kids he sires -- UFarm Kane is  $100.00 a doe (plus $1.50 per day - {paid upfront the day does arrive} - does must be free of worms  and other diseases plus up on shots - we reserve the right to refuse a doe from this program) if you would like live coverage. 
Kane will father some "potetial show kids" in late January or early February as he has bred a group of show does.   These does are all carrying twins with exception of one who will give brith to triplets. 

Trickman Boer Goats KO Rock Steady

Boer Goat Buck
Price: $1000  -  Sold!!
Born: 07/15/18
Sire: RMA2 Knock Out
Dam: RBGO Eloise

Trickman Boer Goats KO Rock Steady - Boer Goat Buck
Muscle Muscle Muscle

Trickman Boer Goats KO Rock Steady - Boer Goat Buck

Trickman Boer Goats KO Rock Steady - Boer Goat Buck

Sold pending pick up - will be headed to Kansas soon! Rock Steady is one of our favorite bucks we have raised. He is thick, big boned, solid top line, awesome hip and stand square on all fours. Love this buck - he has super easy going attitude and is going to be a big boy! Priced to sell- come to Grinnell and get this buck - your does will be happy and so will you when the kids hit the ground!


Boer Goat Buck
Price: $1600.00  -  Sold!!
Born: 07/25/15
Sire: CR Boers Smokin Square One
Dam: GSR Get Your Shine On

Firecracker - Boer Goat Buck

Firecracker - Boer Goat Buck

Firecracker is probably the thickest buck kid we have raised. He is also a boy who has stood square on all fours from the day he was born. He is extremely well muscled with a great twist! If he does not sell before we make our commitments for the Midwest Rumble Round III then he probably will be in the sale! Firecracker has a new home in Nebraska!

TBG Ready To Ride

Boer Goat Buck
Price: $1500  -  Sold!!
Born: 08/19/17
Sire: AVDBG Storm's Radar
Dam: RBGO Eliose

TBG Ready To Ride - Boer Goat Buck

TBG Ready To Ride - Boer Goat Buck

Check this buck kid out! He is super thick and cool as all heck! Ready To Ride is a triplet and his dam raised all three! His Sire placed 5th at Nationals as a buck kid (huge class) and his granddam AVDBG Angel's Mist produced the Grand Champion Jr buck kid in 2016 and Reserve Grand Champion Yearling buck kid in 2017 at the ABGA Nationals! This guy can either hit the show ring or the breeding pen or both. Come to Grinnell, Iowa and take him home with you! Sold - New Home is in Nebraska!

Trickman Boer Goats

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